Mobile ready websites are a must – not just a fancy feature

arroWebs has been advocating that the web must be mobile ready. As we see ourselves and people around, it doesn’t take long to realise that web is consumed more on handhelds than on desktop computers. But many businesses that build their sites are inclined to review and approve what they see on their laptops or PCs with larger screens.

Google’s announcement last month states, starting April 21, the site’s rank depends on their mobile readiness. So, now, for your site to continue ranking well on web, it is high time that you upgrade it such that it is mobile ready.

There are a few ways web is optimised for smartphones. Most notable ones are;

  • First are the exclusive sites for mobile and desktop. The mobile sites that typically have addresses like When a desktop link in clicked on a mobile device, the back-end redirects to the relevant mobile URL
  • The second type keeps the same URL for both devices but renders content depending upon the device that is accessing/requesting it
  • The third being responsive web where is the URL and content remains the same but the layout is modified using CSS such that they are rendered correctly on any device that is accessing it. Google recommends this configuration

Here are two tools that can test your website to see how well it performs on mobile devices. The first is the Mobile Usability Report that is found in your Webmaster Tools. The other one is Mobile-Friendly Test that can be run on a specific page.

If your site is not optimised yet, you are already late. Any investment that you’re making towards search engine optimisation is not going to help rank the site better. Contact us today to find out how and when we’ll be able to help you with this situation.