4 Essentials for a powerful exit-intent popups or popovers

4 Tips to Unleash the Conversion Building Powers of Exit-Intent Popups

Look, getting traffic is not that hard. If you have a marketing budget, you can invest in ads and attract as many people as you want.

But, do you know what’s incredibly difficult? Making your traffic stick. If your visitors leave your website without taking action, than all your efforts are in vain.

So, what can you do?
Exit-intent popups are a powerful tool that can persuade users to give a website, another chance.

Think about it this way: you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your visitors are already on their way out so displaying one popup and trying to convince them to stay can’t hurt you.

But, here’s the trick – you need to optimize them to get the best results.

1. Target Different Visitors with Different Messages

Smart marketers group the people who visit their website into different segments. That way, they can tailor their messages to the specific needs of each audience group. Surely, you won’t be able to send a customized message to all your customers, but you can make them feel appreciated by providing offers tailored to their needs.

Here’s an example: If a visitor leaves your online shop, you can use exit-intent popups to offer them a discount in return for their email. On the other hand, if they are about to exit your blog, you can display an overlay popup that is relevant to what they are currently reading.

2. Make Them Responsive

According to one study from IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, nearly half of e-commerce traffic comes from mobile devices. As more and more people switch to smartphones and tablets over desktop computers, making your exit-intent popups responsive is not only smart, but mandatory, too.

Follow the same principles in responsive design for your popups as you would for your website. Make sure they fit each screen size, look right and grab people’s attention.

3. Test Your Exit-Intent Headlines & CTAs

It goes without saying that little things can make or break your website – page speed, typos, errors, and copy.

Your exit-intent popups are your last chance at convincing people that you are worthy of their time. So getting your headline and CTA copy right is extremely important.

Don’t use generic messages or a vague CTA. There’s really no space for ambiguity in an exit-intent popup. Make your copy short and actionable, and focus on getting your message across without any interference.

Use exit-intent popups to explain your visitors why they should stick around:

  • You have something free to offer
  • You offer discounts
  • There’s more valuable content they haven’t read yet

4. Make Them Load Fast

On one hand people hate waiting, but on the other hand they love it. Your website falls into the first category. According to one study, 40% of people abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, and over 79% of online shoppers claim they will leave a web store without buying anything if it performed badly.

To make sure you get the most of your exit-intent popups, ensure they load quickly. Design your popups as simple as possible, using few images or other visual elements. Keep your message short, simple and relevant.

Before You Go

Follow these tips to convince your visitors they should give your website a second thought. Remember, you only have a few seconds to keep a visitor to your page.

Make them count.