Google is not liking Yahoo on Firefox!

Most users start looking for things on the internet at Google. That’s what we all believe in and we are in for a surprise. The recent update on Firefox browser has the default search engine pointing to Yahoo and not to Google. And this is seemingly happening only in Windows 10 machines as SEL points out. We didn’t see this on Macs or Ubuntu desktops yet.

Firefox and Yahoo has partnered recently to have Yahoo as the default search provider for the next five years according to the blog post.

Considering the shift and just that volume has already alarmed Google. Now they got a video tutorial posted on Twitter explaining users how to change the default search provider.

Coming back to where we started. It’s not just Google alone that matters when optimizing  content but consider everyone else in the market.

Moreover what matters over any of this is your content. The search engines will take them there as long as it adds value to users and you have the processes in place.