Internet Marketing – Infusionsoft – API

Internet Marketing has always been taking a different dimension with each passing phase. All the time the marketing minds keep coming up with various ways of pushing the limits to make the next sale better than previous one. Though there have been many competing products keep surfacing that plugs various feature requirements, Infusionsoft remains an inseparable entity the Internet marketing world.

The process of setting up a product, a web site, the sales site all are integrated with various points of the Infusionsoft system. The workflow management allows limitless possibilities of what one can do with the system. The newest interface, which is giving everyone a shocker as well as smile keeps throwing up new items to explore everyday. But what is under focus right now is what its API allows developers to do.

What sells is what the product has to offer. The auxiliary services that once can build around the product capabilities, infusionsoft capabilities with the additional services layer can do wonders. The developer intervention starts as early as converting the sales order forms to jazzy looking pages with automated form controls using javascript – specifically JQuery – like copying values to shipping address and hosting the order form as part of your own website and have the system post back values to a success or a failure page.

The one-click-upsell utility automates the current flow so that more products are added while the session is on. A very important phenomenon while you’re selling your digital stuff online. These are a few things which are mostly done.

But here begins the role of API and the opportunities

  • Get to know which sales page worked and which did not
  • Give your existing users a custom sales page – Just a “Hey Joe” goes a long way
  • Monitor steps, populate forms and shorten checkout time
  • Transaction data to your own database so that you can process access to a membership
  • and more…

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