Transfer iOS app to another account – step by step

Many situations necessitate transferring an app to a different account. Takeovers, Mergers or Handovers to name a few. It used to be a nightmare at one point but staring June 2013, Apple made it possible for developers to transfer the ownership of iOS apps. This news has brought with an ease for developers to move the apps to another account along with user reviews and rankings.

Here are the six easy steps that will guide through the process of transfer.

Step 1

Login to and click on manage your apps. Now click on the app you want to transfer. Click on Transfer App button.


Step 2

Next is the agreement policy, check the agree check box and proceed. In the next page, you have to enter the Apple ID and Team ID to whom you want to transfer the app.

Step 3

The subsequent screen in the Contracts, Tax, and Banking page.

Step 4

The recipent – the new owner – will see the following screen when they login to iTunes connect.


Step 5

The new meta data needs to be updated and submitted for review by Apple.



Step 6

Once submitted, the status changes to Processing App Transfer


Sit back and relax. You’ve done all the hard work. If all goes well, the transfer should go through in a few hours.