What happens to Meta Descriptions in the web page

Recent times, I’ve been brought to focus on SEO, a subject I strongly avoided to look at but had no choice but being forced to. I always believed that if your site is worth it, it’ll show up on Search Engines otherwise, make efforts to make it “worth it”. This is some 6-7 years ago. This still holds true but it’s good to know how things happen. And I’ve been doing some reading, watching etc.

One thought that was always believed was, no search engine, including google, never cared about what was written inside the meta tags – keywords and description – since they were the first ones people started to stuff when they learnt about search engines and the importance of being on the first page. But today, I watched a video from Matt, that indeed talks about it – that google started looking up things in meta description as well.

So, as a final thought – just keep the appropriate content in appropriate places and things will work one way or the other.