The importance of enthusiasm

It’s very true that without this anything can be nothing sooner or later. There have been times that I thought it may not be a feeling that everyone has or need to have. But I just read this article which talks about how Steve Jobs makes it happen at Apple. Not a big fan of Apple that I am, still use an iPod for music and envy the folks who talk about their Macs. Many videos or screencasts that people do, they use one and it looks cool.

Without deviating from the subject, I think the way these guys feel about the products and services that they provide – it’s not just in their talks but in their beliefs. Now that I know it, it’ll be added to the mentoring armory and will be used where possible.

No matter what people might think how silly a product, an idea or what you do can be. If you believe in it – you can make it happen. It seems that’s what many felt about twitter, but I’ve read somewhere that the folks at twitter think that they can change the world with twitter.