Keep the thread thin – An Email best practice

This may sound silly to many of us but very often we tend to ignore this very basic aspect of our daily business or even personal emails. Email threads are identified by the subject line and then of course by the content therein. But over time the focus changes and it’s no longer the subject or any of the content that it carried earlier. Suddenly a new one is looped on to the thread with a question and they see a totally unrelated subject line. They’re also reading a huge amount of unnecessary conversation that brought them in place. And did we mention about all of this irrelevant data clogging the internet pipe. A co-worker helped how to get past this mess and get going.

First, you need to identify and decide when to change the thread. It may have started with a phone call invite that could be running into you providing a proposal, anything.


1. Open the thread blurb, delete the bulk of the stuff that are no more relevant. Talk to me about the long back and forths about setting up time, what did and didn’t work, yada, yada.

2. Change the subject like to more appropriate one for now.

3. Compose the email and send it off.

Did that help?