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Gmail and it’s “on behalf of” woes!

Looks like it’s coming to an end today. This post at google’s official blog explains how to settle this out. I’ve always had this issue with the gmail address that I used for my official email. We recently moved our email to gmail servers – after trying it out for … more


What happens to Meta Descriptions ...

Recent times, I’ve been brought to focus on SEO, a subject I strongly avoided to look at but had no choice but being forced to. I always believed that if your site is worth it, it’ll show up on Search Engines otherwise, make efforts to make it “worth it”. This … more


Where is FREE Google Apps

It looks like Google is underplaying the free offering of the Google Apps for mail, calendar and all the other stuff. Probably, they’re going to stop offering this. I found this link on the web which worked today. Not sure if it’s going to be there for ever.

Alright, … more