The following individuals comprises the executive leadership of arroWebs

Phil LewisPhil Lewis

Chief Executive Officer

Philip Lewis has over 20 years of experience in engineering, technology applications, technology start-ups and real estate investing. Philip received his Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Texas at Austin. He has started several companies ranging from investment companies and private technology start ups to real estate holdings.

He maintains dual citizenship with the United States / European Union and is also the inventor / owner of a United States Patent.

Ram Sundararaman

Ram Sundararaman

Chief Technology Officer

Ram has been involved in organization processes for 30 years. A Civil Engineer by profession, the power of computing and its vast possibilities drew him into information technology. He has served at the executive level for other organizations.

When he is not working, you can find him photographing birds or playing music.

Geetika Ramachandran

Geetika Ramachandran

Chief Operations Officer

Geetika founded arroWebs in 1996 and has been instrumental at every stage of the company’s growth. Now fulfilling the role of COO, she oversees the operational side of the business and likes to dabble in strategy, finance, project and team management. She has been involved in organization processes and business management for 22 years at various levels.

In her spare time she loves to bake and explore health & cooking blogs.

Aditya Joshi

Vice President – Emerging Markets

Aditya has more than 20 years of Client Consulting and Consumer Goods Marketing experience. Having worked with top notch organizations in India and other markets, he is now based out of Dubai. He endeavors to deliver value to client organizations by bringing in the immense power of information technology into play.

He is an ardent sports fan and a passionate Squash player. He also likes to read, and listen to music in his spare time.