Geo-Targeted Campaigns

Geo Targeted Campaigns mainly work on information gathered surreptitiously by tracking technologies that have become ubiquitous on websites across the Internet. They don’t have people’s names, but cross-reference that data with records of home ownership, family income, marital status and favorite restaurants, among other things. Then, using statistical analysis, they start to make assumptions about the proclivities of individual Web surfers.

For example, many users would type “New York Pizza” or “14410 Pizza”.   The particular user doesn’t care who is number one for the general keyword “Pizza”, they just want to find Pizza local to them. More recently, even if a user looks for “Pizza”, they are shown results that are more local to them.

At arroWebs Geo Targeted Campaigns include any or some of the following activities;

  • Promotion of a web-site’s events, promotional offers, on line-marketing, ideas, etc. on various social networking forums with specific reference to the locality.
  • Encouraging discussion about their new products and or services.
  • Optimizing the pages such that right signals are sent to search engine crawlers targeted at geographic promotions/references.

Geo Targeted Campaigns can extremely useful for Small Business’s who want to focus attention of customers to their physical  location.