General Keywords

Baclinks and especially QUALITY BACKLINKS are like pointers directed towards your site.A good tool for helping you find your backlinks and what text is being used to link to your site is the Backlink Anchor Text Analysis Tool.

Backlinks can be referred to as:

  1. Incoming links
  2. Inlinks
  3. Inbound links
  4. Inward links

Another reason to achieve quality backlinks is to entice visitors to come to your website. You can’t build a website, and then expect that people will find your website without pointing the way. You will probably have to get the word out there about your site.

Instead of using words like “click here” which probably won’t relate in any way to your website, using the words “Please visit our Search Engine Optimization Page for SEO practices adopted by arroWebs” is a far better way to utilize a hyper-link.