Measure performance and reinvent strategy at all times!

User behaviour and engagement is the  most important aspect that any website must address. You created the content, promoted it and now the users are here and they want to be treated right.

arroWebs addresses the analytics requirement of various projects at the required levels of each of them. Like in any other case, the analytics too have it’s own set of requirements. Combined with the SEO performance, these findings provide a very useful insight in honing the next step that the site must take in order to be competitive in their arena.

At the same time, not every metric has to be read in the lights of how they’ve been looked at in a different situation. Sometimes, bounce rates would make no difference to the business but it does affect how search engines value the same.

Performance monitoring are carried out using appropriate goal setting, A/B or variant testing of specific pages. While using Google Analytics, web properties are tagged appropriately to allow easy drill down of reports that enable informed decisions. A more precise tracking is carried out using MixPanel when required. Combining these with custom built modules, insight reports are generated using automated scripts that leverage APIs.

Our team can work with the marketing and business teams to enable marketing focused strategy at your end while the technology burden is handled at our end.