Provide a Chamber of Commerce a common platform powered by a suite of products that allow their business members to easily and effectively market on a large and scale for a fraction of the price, time and effort.

SLN Case Study


Small businesses have a hard enough time surviving past the coveted two year mark.   Throw in the need to leverage Facebook, mobile apps, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, mobile websites, Search Engine Marketing, etc and it can be downright overwhelming.  Constraints with budgets, time and overall knowledge all contribute  to small businesses losing the battle with competitors that are more staffed and with larger budgets.


At arroWebs, we worked hand in hand with Save Local Now to design a single platform that emphasizes the need for ‘ease and intuitiveness’  and enables these small businesses to compete with those larger companies.   While most of the information is proprietary, we are able to demonstrate some of the functionality built to achieve the goal.   All the functionality went through our standard development process of design, develop, test and roll out to production in a logical and controlled manner.


Web Portal

A web portal was developed that allows all the businesses to create their deals, events and details while having a nice graphical interface that updates dynamically.  This enables the businesses to truly see how the data will appear after they enter it.

SLN Web Application


Mobile Apps

Save Local Now - Mobile Application

Mobile apps are gaining in popularity every day.   Our Engineers manage the version control with Apple and Google+ so the apps are always current with the latest standards and protocols.

Save Local Now is proud to have 1,000’s of downloads in each market.   The following are some of the highlights:

  • Top-rated iPhone & Android apps. Test drive the app HERE.
  • Geo-location for finding local business listings, deals and events
  • Customers can add and track their favorite businesses
  • One-click social media sharing


SEO and Analytics

Knowledge is Power. Knowing how customers are finding a business, based on specific media efforts, is half the battle. The custom analytics and reporting features Save Local Now provides their businesses deliver the knowledge and understanding to let businesses know what is working and what is not. This knowledge enables businesses to develop well organized strategies focused on where to spend additional time and effort.


You can visit the website using the link on the right or point your browser to http://savelocalnow.com to see the nearest available deals and events at your location.

Contact us to discuss a similar opportunity you have on your mind or any questions you may have, we'll be happy to catch up with you and discuss them at a convenient time.

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