Provide a platform for doctors to deliver diagnosis information and instructions for rehabilitative exercises and products to their patients. Care enhances a patient’s retention of critical information associated with their injury, surgery, condition or new diagnosis.



Often doctors have a hard time, educating their patients about their health conditions and ensuring that they follow the instructions and stay on track. Patients fail to retain critical advices, prolonging their recovery time.


Developed by health professionals for health professionals, care makes it simple and cost effective for any medical provider to deliver their condition specific instructions and patient education.
arroWebs has custom developed the entire portal from scratch using MVC framework on Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP – LAMP technology stack. The public facing site is built on WordPress with portions directly integrated with the Line of Business application. The videos and other information is stored on Amazon S3 and securely delivered to all devices.


Web Portal

Web Portal helps the doctors to create Patient Education Protocols, elucidating about injuries and prescribing exercises for patient’s progressive regimen. Patient can get in touch with the list of exercises specified by their doctors, to assist them, on their road to recovery. Web Portal, thus empowers patients to take active role in their rehabilitation.

CARE Web Application


Mobile Apps

CARE Mobile Application

care mobile apps facilitate any medical provider to have a practice-branded app, customized specifically for them. Patients can download the mobile app from the Apple’s Store or Google Play for free. The iOS and Android apps are built natively.

Following are some of the highlights:

  • Top-rated iPhone & Android apps
  • Watching instructional videos with clear voice-over instructions
  • Reminders for next appointment date
  • Notifications from website when patient’s protocol is updated
  • Thumbs Up feature to notify the doctor about patient’s current status

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