To build a highly scalable solution to address the business processes of FleetLogix in a phased manner to help in efficient management and automation of resources including a customer facing interface.

FleetLogix Case Study


FleetLogix was experiencing a gush of growth that required automation of the processes in the shortest possible time and still be able to grow with their increasing needs. They entrusted arroWebs with the task to build them a system efficient enough to mobilize their current state of business process and build a website for them with portals catering to inter-organization and customers business needs.


We partnered with Fleetlogix, to help their business grow. A website was build from scratch looking at every aspect of their business process to manage resources. A customer portal and web portal was integrated into the website. The portals were integrated with APIs with external systems for resource management.


FleetLogix website offers a binocular vision inside their business approach, various transportation and fleet management services. A simple interface connects their current and potential customers with the latest happenings and accolades. The updates to the Social media and testimonials are readily presented on the homepage. A lead capture forms enables visitors to fill up their requirements.

The site also acts as a doorway to the intra-organization and customer portals.


Customer Portal

The portal authentication is secured with Google accounts with OAuth module. FleetLogix customers typically have multiple sites where different activities are carried out. The customized portal enables them to monitor the work productivity at each of the site from anywhere at anytime.

Other salient features include;

  • Quickbook integration which caters to the need of generating, managing and mailing invoices
  • Issue resolution where the customer can log the issues at its different locations and have them addressed
  • View a list of top performers at different locations
  • The visual dashboard provides a site wide view of weekly and monthly average of productivity and expenditure, facilitating informed decisions


Intra-org Portal

The Intra-org portal for managers helps to monitor and supervise the business process at different sites.

  • Different user roles and capabilities
  • Managers can view reports of worker hours spend on a particular activity for a week and benchmarks achieved
  • Manager can add an activity or view the activity log of all the employees for a site
  • View internal docs that are stored securily using Amazon S3 integration
  • Single Sign-on with the Google Apps automatically connects them to relevant entities like documents and other line-of-business systems
FleetLogix - Web Portal

Visit the Fleetlogix website to explore their services

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