Fastblue offers a one stop solution that caters to all of your business telecommunications needs. They supply customers with Cloud and Telecom strategies that are highly scalable and fits into business needs. The mission was to create a website that encompasses all of the services they offer and make it SEO friendly to garner leads to their business.


Change is the only thing that is constant today. In the past, we had built service specific sites and promoted them. Content built over time became redundant and did not provide much value to today’s context. Relevant content came to be the most important metric and this came the need for having a fresh site that envelopes the entire services Fastblue Communications offered.


arroWebs worked hand in hand with the executive and editorial team of Fastblue to design a website that could provide a visitor easiest access to a service they could be looking for. The other challenge was to keep it extremely search engine friendly, ability to add fresh content at any time, and send right signals to search engines such that the site is indexed well and shows up for the keywords that were set for. Periodical maintenance and support is being provided to ensure that it continued to be relevant.



The website was developed to offer an insight into the complete spectrum of services. They included data, conferencing, internet and web security, CDN and managed cloud services offered by various providers that were integrated by Fastblue Networks. The Instant Pricing Tool was embedded in the pages that pointed to the relevant service. In addition to providing the user with instant pricing on the screen, they also connected to lead management interface. The lead management interface enlists the users who have requested for a services with an access to view the quote.


SEO and Analytics

Since performance of the site on search engines being the key focus for building the site, the entire workflow, right from the initial design to day-to-day support catered to it. Relevant social media entities were built and nurtured. Extensive research was carried out to build quality back links. Each signal segment was monitored for their performance and relevant corrective measures were taken in case of any finding/need.

Periodic reports were generated that leveraged data from tools external as well as internal to provide performance analysis to the executive team.

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