Build a powerful customized Customer Relation Management system tailored to event management business functions of Expotrade with exhaustive reporting and analytic capability.


Expotrade’s event management functions could not be mapped to an off-the-shelf CRM systems. The very uniqueness in how they handled business entities, the sheer volume of data and in turn the complex reporting required an appropriate solution.


arroWebs and Expotrade designed and developed a custom CRM solution from the ground-up when off the shelf systems were not meeting the business requirements. We believed that a business-specific application with high flexibility can be deliver greater improvement to the business as well as tightly couple to the company best-practices and processes.

Web Application

Deep understanding of all aspects of the CRM system combined with strong technical expertise enabled us to deliver CRM solutions fully customized to their requirements and business specifics. Events CRM enables Expotrade sales team and administrators to manage;

  • Lead Tracking
  • Contacts and Accounts Management
  • Campaigns Management and Tracking
  • Team Management and Tasks Distribution
  • Maintain Sales history and Financial projections
  • Email Marketing
  • Data Analysis and Multi-level Reporting
  • User friendly and easy to navigate interface
Events CRM

Did you ever got into thinking that your current systems only tackle about 80% of your requirements. Most of our valued customers sailed the same boat. Do get in touch with us and we can discuss the possibilities of how best our skills and experience can address them