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Why One Click Upsell works?

With online sales, you don’t always get a chance to make additional offers during the checkout process. But with one-click upsell, you can show some exclusive one time offers, without your customers entering the payment details again.

Using upselling techniques, customers are suggested to buy the same product they have chosen but as an option to access more features at some extra price. You can offer relevant additional products to your customers as an upsell product. In general, the upsell marketing strategy can also transform a conversion into connection.

One-click upsell can help you get full value from every of your customers. It’s like helping your customers win better purchases so that you can win their happiness. For successful upsells, you need to get in the minds of your customers and line your marketing strategy plan accordingly.

What is One Click Upsell Framework?

One Click Upsell Framework is a custom script and/or addon that facilitates single click upsell integration to your sales funnels with native integration with Stripe payments. This eliminates use of any 3rd party subscriptions and thereby saving thousands of dollars in recurring costs while allowing you complete control of the funnel functions.

The framework allows for creating the products and payment plans within Stripe. Once configured, the script enables the upsell and/or downsell flow seamlessly. In addition to this, it directly integrates with Active Campaign and/or Infusionsoft for CRM functions. At least one of these integrations is required to manage post sale workflow.

The WordPress custom templates for Order form, Upsell and acknowledgement pages can be designed directly using the editor.

The framework takes the heavy weight lifting on the technology and lets you focus on business.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the script is customized to your needs for the funnel you define and provide us.
It can be reused. You can get a special discount on repeat orders.
While it is best to run the upsell flow independent of the content management system, it can work with sales pages made in WordPress, you’ll need to provide access to the pages such that we can insert the required code to allow for the script to work.
No, nothing is stored on the server. The script uses Stripe to manage all the credit card related aspects of the flow.
Yes, anything that Stripe supports is supported. This can be viewed as an extension to Stripe.
  • An outline of your sales funnel including the upsells, downsells, pricing etc
  • Access to the server where the pages are hosted
  • Access to Stripe, Infusionsoft or ActiveCampaign with right access levels. More details will be provided at the time of integration
Anything between 2 to 5 working days depending on the state of the sales pages and complexity of the plan once we have all the required information.

We need to understand the requirements in detail before we can quote a price. These include

  • Number of products in your funnel,
  • Whether you have the sales pages created or at least know the kind of pages you want your sales pages to look like and
  • The CRM that you want to integrate with like ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft or others
  • Any other details you want us to be aware of

If you have this information handy, please fill up the form and we’ll send you a tentative quote. A final price will be provided after detailed analysis. If you’re not sure of these, use the Contact form below

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