IP to Location

Most occasions we depend on certain web services that pump so much of ads to support their interface. We built our own using the binary database maxmind has for free. We spiced it up with some map so that it’s more visual. We’ll be making that an optional feature controlled by the URL very soon.

ip2location | arroWebs labs

Earlier, only the country data was available – which it claims is still very accurate but what has been used here is their lite data for the city info across the globe. One thing that must be noted is that the IP information provided by these databases do not have direct relationship with the location of the user but the location where the IP range has been allocated. So, when we use our ISP, BSNL to connect, we get at least two IP ranges – one from Udaipur and another one from Jaipur.

The sad truth still is that the coordinates of Udaipur are wrong even in this – i guess they took it from a wrong geolocation.