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Presenting BONDS for Nurseries & Parents

Complete solution to strengthen nursery and parents relationship and seamless communication‘Bonds’ is a great way to establish a strong connection between the parents and the Nursery. With the children at the centre of it, ‘Bonds’ allows the Nursery and parents to build a strong mutual relationship and stay up-to-date with all activities at the Nursery.

A login based secure system ensures that all child-related classified information gets shared between the Nursery and the parents, and does not go out in the public domain without due permissions. Moreover significant benefits come your way on account of savings on paper cost, and the cost incurred towards sending expensive sms communications.

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BONDS For Nursery

Your Nursery can derive significant benefits using Bonds. Establishing strong ties with parents and being their favourite nursery are clearly the two outcomes that the Nursery achieves.

Seamless Communication

Seamless Communication between Nursery & Parents

Save Time

Saves time for the nursery staff

Cost Saving

Cost Savings

Nursery Management System

Links to Nursery Management System / Software

BONDS For Parents

Bonds ensure that parents start seeing the Nursery as their extension, participate fully in the child’s development, and communicate effortlessly with the Nursery.

Install Bonds to stay connected and updated for your child’s activities at their nursery

Become partners in child’s development

No ‘busy-days’ – always clued on

Aware Parents – Happy Parents

Happy Parents Are Your Best Ambassadors

BONDS Features

Bonds for nurseries to manage the assessments reports, reminders, events notifications, and schedulings

  • Event Notifications
  • Reminders
  • Assessment reports
  • Absence notifications
  • Social media linked
  • Appointment scheduling, and many more

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